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We all know it — the AI revolution has already begun. Being aware of such an imminent change is a pretty scary thought, but what’s even more terrifying is not understanding how it works, or even what it can do. And more so, most of the world is living in that fearful oblivion.

Post AI was built to shine a light on that void, to make an understanding of our AI-powered future accessible to everyone. Post AI provides a foundational overview of the history, modern state, and future impacts of artificial intelligence. The project’s main focus will center around what changes the world will undergo when AI becomes capable of outperforming humans.

While there’s an abundance of articles, research, and other multimedia works readily available on the internet that discuss the topic, there’s no centralized location where people can be introduced to artificial intelligence and its implications in an informational yet consumable form. This missing gap is the reason behind why this crucial knowledge hasn’t become as mainstream as it should be, and why Post AI now exists.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Roland, a freshman at USC studying Computer Science and Business Administration. Entrepreneurship and creative thinking have always been my driving forces. I love thinking of solutions to existing problems, implementing those solutions, and seeing the impacts of my solutions. I’m an avid mobile app developer and web developer because it gives me the power to put my ideas into motion.

I took an interest in AI after finally realizing how much of my daily life has already been infested with the technology. Google Photos has the power to sort my photos by friends using facial recognition. Spotify just always knows what I want to listen to, even if I don’t fully know what I want myself. Siri recognizes my voice and my words. By this point, we’ve started to take advancements like Siri for granted. But looking back, the idea that a rectangle in my pocket can communicate with me is just astounding.

This project was built as a way for me to learn a whole lot more about something I thought I already knew a good deal about. It’s exciting to learn about such an ever advancing field. It’s exciting knowing that this website will have content relevant to others. It’s exciting that this project will have an impact. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

You can find more about me, and what I'm up to, at rolandshen.com



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